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Cure Eczema by Stopping Topical Steroids

How do you cure eczema by stopping topical steroids? Many of us had eczema as children, others got it by using chemical products on their skin and facial area and others probably still have it due to the steroids inducing it. Steroid cream's job is to stop or suppress the body's ability to produce cortisol, so it begins to do this for the body once applied. No one knows the time frame for the addiction process to kick in for each person as many people are atopic, meaning "a form of allergy in which a hypersensitivity reaction such as dermatitis or asthma may occur in a part of the body not in contact with the allergen." More definitions can be seen on the "atopic" link.

This is the reason so many people get addicted to topical steroids and why it can happen so fast. One girl in our support group got addicted after using mild steroid cream, off and on for a year. There is no guarantee that you will be able to use the drug and stay out of the red zone of addiction. Dermatologists are aloof to this and keep prescribing them like candy to adults and infants, which is very dangerous.

I received a post with heartbreaking pictures this week on my Facebook page, "Steroid Red Skin Syndrome and Skin Remedies." You can view the post in my Facebook sidebar to the left of this journal column. It was from parents who were putting topical steroids on their sweet, little boy and getting frustrated and confused by the merry-go-round of steroid creams. I had seen the little boy on a the Facebook page, National Eczema Foundation, and commented to the parents about topical steroids. They read my page and responded with interest. I also asked a mom in the Google "Cure Eczema" support group, to contact them and she did. She told them the story of her daughter who got addicted to steroid cream and how she took her off them and is now healing from the damage caused.


Toddler boy going through steroid withdrawals

They took him off the steroids and he is now going through the withdrawal process, but is much better! I have to admit that every time I read and see these stories of children addicted to topical steroids, I cry for them. This is no cakewalk for an adult, let alone a child. Hopefully the medical community will finally realize the prescribing of steroids for over a week is potential addiction for anyone, especially these little ones. 

He is now 60 per cent better with NO steroids!

I truly want to see these steroid creams have a warning in capital RED letters on the package and all over the media and internet about the dangers of steroid cream addiction and the horrible side-effects from it. Steroid Red Skin Syndrome is real and becoming more publicized due to the number of people duped into believing that steroids can heal or fix a skin condition. Nothing could be further from the truth as topical steroids only mask the problem. Besides, eczema was not this prevelant back in the pre-steroid cream days so most adult eczema is probably steroid induced!

This article tells about the importance of vitamin D3 to strengthen your immune system against mold allergies and we all know that the sun is the greatest source of vitamin D3. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 and the use of UVB lights can also when you can't get enough sun. 

Also, most children grow out of the skin allergies as they age but the use of childhood steroid creams actually makes the allergy worse. The rebound effect keeps you on a steroid merry-go-round.

I am still in a flare that is somewhat calming down and I am getting sun as often as I can for the vitamin D3. I take minerals and eat raw veggies and fruits and I'm back on my low-grain, low-sugar lifestyle. It's not a diet to dure tsw because I will eat this way the rest of my life to stay as healthy as I can.  Have a good weekend everyone and hang on to the hope of healing for a healthier tomorrow! 

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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Cure Eczema by Stopping Topical Steroids

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