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Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?

Steroid Red Skin Syndrome is caused from the overuse of steroid creams used for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other skin conditions. The patients are unaware of the symptoms of red skin snydrome because dermatologists and doctors continue to prescribe more corticosteroid creams to combat the symtoms caused by the previous steroid cream.

The body becomes addicted to the steroid and the skin symptoms actually gets worse because of the length used and stronger prescriptions. The red skin, burning and itching causes the doctors to assume it is an allergy or stubborn case of something, so many will prescribe more steroid cream combined with oral steroids, like prednisone. The vicious cycle begins and many people stay with this merry-go-round for years, unable to stop the steroid cream because the skin is addicted.

Steroid skin syndrome is causing unecessary suffering in people all over the world. If you have you used steroid cream for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or any other skin problem, you may be suffering from the effects of addiction to corticosteroid creams. The steroids work like a charm, but once you stop using them for one day, week or month, the condition rebounds even worse. The good news is that if you stop ALL steroids, your skin will heal. The withdrawals are difficult and the physical and mental stress wreak havoc for weeks or months, until your body recovers from the suppression of the drug.

The steroid side effects are multiple and  the attached papers on the prescription bag do not give enough warnings. According to California dermatologist, Dr. Marvin Rapaport, the corticorsteroid creams create high levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which causes the burning and other side effects. He is convinced that steroid addiction and red skin syndrome are a direct result of the steroid cream, and the only cure is to stop using it forever. Once that area of your body has been afflicted by the cream and high levels of nitric oxide, your body will always be sensitive to the steroids.

Steroid cream side effects have been played down by the medical community for the most part, and many adults and children suffer the wrath of steroid hell because of it. I have spent countless hours visiting eczema, psoriasis and rosacea websites and forums, and I cannot tell you the huge number of people and children that are trying to cope with the steroid cream addiction and withdrawals that cause red skin syndrome.

One of the big problems with this health and social problem is the fact that the medical community will not acknowledge the steroid creme side effects due to the fact they were never taught  about it in med school. Dr. Rapaport is trying to get other dermatologists to see these serious dangers of steroid cremes. 

I am one of thousands of people suffering with red skin syndrome and dedicated my life to warning and helping others about it. This is my 16th week of severe burning flares, enlarged blood vessels, intense pain, raw, bleeding skin, itching, flaking and peeling, and sleepless nights. You can read more about my journey and others in the "Steroid Addiction Stories" link.

This site is dedicated to warning others of the dangers of all steroid creams, and the addiction that can develop in a short period of time after using one or several of them. It's time to bring a better social awareness to this fact and hopefully ward off hundreds of thousands of future victims. RSS will do its best to keep you informed of any new and latest developments as they arise. There is hope, help and healing, so hang in there with us!

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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?
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    RED SKIN SYNDROME - Home - Eczema or Steroid Cream Side Effects?

Reader Comments (25)

If anyone knows of new methods to diminish the effects of nitric oxide burn, do post here, thanks!

July 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjoey

my daughter 6.5 years is in her 27 day withdrawal, she has been addicted for Locoid (potent topical steroid for a year)
God help her
Kelly introduced me to your page
i hope God help us all
my daughter gets lots of blisters like acne, i treat these with salt+water mix
i use virgin olive oil for eczema spots
all the best wishes

July 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNisreen

So sorry about your daughter! Thanks for sharing and thanks to Kelly. She is such a blessing to all of us who are in the "heat" of these withdrawals. I hate it so bad that a 6 year old child is going though this! :( God help the child, please. We are passionate about helping and warning others to stay away from these dangerous drugs! I pray that your daughter heals very quickly and you will stay connected to us. Please tell her we are cheering her on and she will get better!! :)

July 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoey

My advice, be careful of using anything on the skin. I know that some people try different things especially at the beginning of the withdrawl but I hope that some of you take my advice. Just because it is natural does not mean it will not greatly irritate your skin and interfere with your healing. The problem is: the skin is so irritated already that it does not necessarily show if something is irritating it more. You could be having a reaction to something and think it is a flare or related to the steroid withdrawl. also the natural barrier function of our skin is not working at all. I used Curel for over a year before I realized it was actually contributing to my continuing skin issues...I also used Cerave for months, I endured so many flares and issues, and itching, I had no idea the cream was causing it. I then used Jojoba oil for many months before I realized not only was it not helping it was making my skin worse and worse, and I keep pretty good tabs on my skin. I also used Aveeno Oatmeal lotion for months, thinking it was helping me. I tried the whole Vanicream line same thing, I bought Free and Clear products over the internet to wash my hair. I used to wash my face with Honey recommeded by someone at whole foods. I looked like a monster. I had flare after flare and was thinking the steroids were to blame. I am apparently not allergic to almost anything (patch tested to 100+ things), I have never had eczema, never allergies, not atopic in past, able to use everything!!!! . However, here is a short list of things I cannot use on my skin (and have tried, sometimes for months) Egyptian Magic, Aloe Vera right out of plant, Rose Hipseed Oil, Evan Healy natural skin produts anti inflammatory line, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Pure Ghee, Sunflower Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Jasmine Oil (for scalp), Am-Lactin, Lac Hydrin, Cetaphil cream, Cetaphil Restoraderm for Atopic Skin $18 per bottle, any Beeswax based ointment or lotions, Cerave, Aquaphor, Eucerin all kinds, Evening Primrose Oil, Curel, Yu Be Cream, pure Glycerin, Clinique several products for sensitive skin, Zinc Oxide cream, Estee Lauder Verite line for sensitive skin, very expensive might I add, Moisturel, Cerave Cleanser, Aquanil cleanser, Cetaphil cleanser, Mineral Oil., Korres all natural moisture lotion, Burts Bees skin wash and lotion, California Baby cream, Lubriderm lotion and ointment , Vanicream, Uderrly Smooth, Bag Balm, Complex 15 face and body lotions, Urea based creams, Purpose soap, Olive oil soap from Kiss my Face, Neutrogena Soap for sensitive skin the list is not complet and the list goes on and on and I have spent a fortune on this stuff as well. Eager for anything to ease my suffering and terribly dry and irritated skin, I tried many different things. I know that some are against this idea, but please at least let me tell you that the only things I can use on my skin are Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and Dove bar soap unscented for sensitive skin this sparingly. There is one pump soap I get at Whole Foods, Nature's Gate and I can use that too. There was a time, I thought vaseline petroleum jelly actually irritated my skin, When I put it on, it would burn and I felt it was causing flares, that was actually not true, it is non-comedogenic, does not clog pores, does not get absorbed into your skin (main point) and will over time help most people, most people can use it without issue. it is recommended by Dr. Rapaport and the Japanese Dr. said it was one of the only products effective. My therory about my skin has evolved over time and trial. I think anything that gets absorbed into our damaged skin has the capability to greatly interfere with our healing. Strangly enough, sometimes when my skin would ooze, the product I was using would come out in the fluid. Months after I quit using Ghee which is simply clarified butter and would not usually cause harm, my hands started to leak fluid that smelled just like ghee. Had I known the acutal benefits to the petroleum jelly , I would have stopped everything else long ago. It takes time to work, I put it on after the shower in a thick layer, then I wipe most off with a clean towel. I cannot feel the residue of it at all. I then reapply if necessary and wipe off again. If I leave it greasy it will itch, however, if I wipe most off, I can actually get thru most of the day without having to reapply. It is not magic but over time you will see benefits to this. I know Kelly uses it and Reba and we are veterans to this condition. That is truly my best advice. Please listen to me, you will get better faster... I never used it before these skin conditions but I will continue to use it long after this time, I cannot say enough good things about it...My hands were at one time much worse then the picture on Joey's website. I could barely function, could not bend my fingers and was in constant agonzing pain, and I have 2 small kids to take care of. 6 months after switching to only petroleum jelly, my hands are actually nearing "normal". My neck, face and upper chest were a brutal mess, now nearing normal. In 3 months I will barely be able to notice I had a problem with my hands, I never thought I would be able to say that. I never could have said that had I continued to use any of these other products. sorry to be so wordy. I had to find out thru trial and error and had noone's advice to follow. So this is really heartfelt. Any of you suffering, please give this a try, even if only on part of your skin for a test. Give it a few weeks or months before you judge it. Reba has switched over too and she thanks me all the time for telling her about it. It is a total godsend...Leslie

July 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

One more thing, I have suffered endlessly with all this stuff, my rashes have included my whole body. One more thing I can recommend for spot treatments is Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy Cream. It has helped me in certain trouble spots. Good luck. I hope that someone takes my advice, I really know what I am talking about having suffered with this stuff for 3 years now....

July 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

Wow. I know you are a withdrawal veteran Leslie. along with Reba and Kelly. You guys have gone through the pain, the pain that I am going through right now. I am really not doing good. I am, really, really not doing good. My face, neck, and upper chest have gotten worse...but I think as of last week, it finally stopped spreading. Leslie, was there ever a point where it just stopped spreading? It didn't spread anymore, just the redness stayed, and eventually started healing over a couple to a few months? I feel like it's finally "stopped" spreading on my upper body. Oh good God, I hope so. I really appreciate your advice. I will start trying the vaseline petroleum jelly. So since it does not get absorbed through the skin, which is a good thing as to minimize an allergic reaction, it still "moisturizes" the skin on top, right? I would imagine so. You said my picture looked like yours for a long time, exccept worse. When did it starting getting better after you stopped the steroids? Man, I am into my 3rd month now and not seeing improvement...this sure is hell, and I keep looking more like it. I know everyone says there are good and bad days...but this doesn't sit well with me. Even on my "good" days, the rash and bumps and redness are still there, just..."calmer"...but still pretty significant. I just keep praying! Thanks for all your advice and sharing veteran Leslie :). It really does help!! -Rochelle

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRochelle

Wow, thanks for sharing all of that, Leslie. I appreciate it so much as we all need each other for help like this. I may end up using something different, but right now I use the coconut oil, palm oil, bee silk bars and beeswax. Not to diminish anything you said, I just think we are all different, but I do think agree certain things can trigger our flares. Whether it be skin products or certain foods high in arginine, we have to pay close attention to what may cause flares and the best thing to do that is to keep a journal. I value Leslie and others who share their valuable information, thank you so much!

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoey

Hi Joey and Rochelle, I hope someone listens to me at least because I made so many mistakes during all this. If your skin seems to like what you are using then for sure continue. All I meant was that Reba, Kelly (I think) and I all ended up using the same things after we tried all the other stuff. I think Kelly also can use Jojoba and I cannot not but Bee products as well as Coconut can be irritants to people they are both included on the patch testing that I went thru. I did not react to coconut on patch testing but it is murder on my skin. Just be careful, I have been there and I know. I also like to use natural things, I shop mostly at Whole Foods for my family, I am an organic type by nature.

Rochelle, I am so sorry that you are suffering....There is no formula as to when it subsides or gets better. I would minimize using too much on your skin. Keep it clean, I always have showered or taken baths, the oatmeal is supposed to be good. I think Reba uses Baking Soda in her baths you might try it. Back to what I said yesterday, I think my healing was delayed because my skin was very reactive and I continued to put stuf on it thinking I needed moisture etc....I would have a hard time telling you a timeline becuase I definitely delayed my own healing. Some tips are:

when I wash my clothes now, I used All Free and Clear (I have tried the natural stuff too, but reacted to it). I then double rinse anything I wash now to minimize any reaction to what I might wear. I also stick to cotton a lot and when I am home especially, I wear very comfortable clothes that are loose. I keep my arms covered too, I wear a lot of loose sweatshirts etc..

Re: the neck, when it was really bad, I sometimes would wear a scarf around it. I was miserable. What I would do now is: apply a little petroleum jelly and wipe most off, then if i could not stand it, put a scarf around my neck to block irritants from the air from hitting me. I wore silky type material bcuz for me cotton can be drying. Reba also used to wear a scarf I think, we both had the neck and upper chest problem. It is very hard, I know. Whatever you put on for moisturizer, use it sparingly, believe me, anything can make your skin worse very quickly, if you can on some areas try to use nothing if possible. That might not be possible though. If you try something new on your skin, test it first. Be aware that you might continue to have flares that are not related to what you are putting on your skin. It is hard to tell when the flares are bad. My skin never went back to normal between flares I was having a constant flare, so that can heppen too.

also, I never wash my hair standing up anymore. I bend over in the shower or tub and wash it that way. I do not let shampoo get on my neck even now. I think I will do this the rest of my life....

My neck is still dry to this day and when I have a flare on my face, I still get a little swelling and itching but for the most part it is getting almost normal...I can even wear necklaces again I never thought I would say that a year ago. The skin right under my chin and the top of my neck still sheds and is still affected but it is not as noticable, it does not get so red anymore, mostly dry and flaky and I can hide it with vaseline. My face, ears, nose and around my mouth and sides of nose are still bad. also my arms on the inside up to the crook of my arm is still bad. The skin is very dry, at any time I can peel it off if I want. However, the rest is almost normal...Reba says she feels like a lizard. Me too but it is worse before my shower, after my shower, when I put on vaseline I can sometimes now pass for a normal person again...yeah...

Hands 80% better, still dry and inflamed, not as red, not as fissured, healing slowly. the texture is still wierd.
Neck and upper chest, near normal, even when I get out of the shower, skin is normal in color

I had rashes on groin area and nipples too: they are much better. groin rash is almost gone and nipples are better, use Rescue Remedy on them every day. otherwise they still peel.

Legs are healed 100%. Used to have bad rashes on legs, now they are fine.

Under arms and upper arms and shoulders and back 100% healed...

scalp 95% healed. Still some dandruff near hairline but the rest of the scalp normal. I use only DHS Clear Shampoo, it works for me.

I had no idea what was wrong so healing took longer. you will have advantages that I did not have, people to ask questions etc... You will get there faster then me Rochelle..

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

Wow, Leslie. Thank you for sharing all that information. Very good and useful information. I just want to say thank God and I am so happy you are near 100% healed, even 100% healed in some areas. You sharing that really gives HOPE to me, and all others. You are valued. :)

I just want to say I too have itchy, dry scalp and dandruff. Parts of my scalp gets dry and when I peel the pieces off, there is moisture there...it's gross. I also never wash my hair standing up...it became a hassle to take a shower, as the water pressure would hit some of my cuts and it would sting. Also, I didn't want to get shampoo and conditioner on my body skin either, I knew it would most likely make my skin react a little, even if I rinsed off with water. Basically, the mindset I have now is: Don't risk it, better be safe than sorry; and this sounds a lot like you! So I bend over and wash my hair in the running bath water and wear gloves also so I don't get running water on my hands which will make it burn, or any chemicals from the shampoo on my hands. I use the Eufora hair products line. I know you react with a lot of natural stuff- Eufora has a lot of natural ingredients in it, doesn't have the stripping sulfate, and has an aloe vera base...always felt good to my scalp and hair, and still no problem w/ it, thank God.

I'm glad vaseline works for you...I am scared to use too much of it because of the hydrocarbons it...I just recently learned about this. Research it if you'd like. I just use virgin coconut oil, and it doesn't seem to irritate my skin...even though it is hard to tell when we are suffering bad skin withdrawal symptoms anyway! I know you said you had a constant flare, no breaks, which is heartbreaking. I too though, "almost" feel that way but I know I do have breaks. When I have a "break", the redness is still there, just a WEE BIT lighter, and I put coconut oil on everyday so I don't think it's causing it or else I would think I would never let up and have a constant flare too. I know we are so allergic to everything right now because of the condition our immune system is in with our skin. Dr. Rapaport calls it "angry back" syndrome. I hope Leslie that a couple years from now you'll be able to use something "natural" without it causing an allergic reaction. I went to visit a reputable dermatologist in San Diego before I knew what this condition was, and she gave me a patch test on the back of 75 chemicals. I was allergic to a lot, I remember lanolin and imidazolidinyl urea being some of the allergens. That was 2 months before I got patch tested by Dr. Rapaport. When he tested me, I didn't react to those chemicals. Really weird.

I never go out so I dress in a silk top everyday too...it is so comfortable. Did you notice you legs and calves started healing first Leslie...or did the redness kind of just heal around the same time? Was your redness like eczematous as well? I have red, raised, eczematous patches on my upper arms and back...it grosses me out. I can't wait to get better. Thanks for more hope that you have given me Leslie. :)

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRochelle

Also Leslie, did you notice your redness spreading and then eventually stopping? My patches had gradually grown in increments into one big patch now on neck and chest. Hope it has "spread" itself out to the max.

July 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRochelle

Rochelle, my skin has continued to evolve and flare in different places at different times. One day my face, the next day my torso, the next day my arms would get worse. It will come on suddently sometimes. If you are a patient at Dr. Rapaport, maybe he can help you more on this. I have had both eczema and chemical burn type reactions. sometimes, they start as eczema and end up more like chemical burns, before it begins to peel. My neck stayed red and irritated for a long time continuously, my neck is a little inflamed and itchy today as a matter of fact. My face is never totally perfect but ranges from very red and blotchy to a more subdued red and blotchy to flakey and peeling. One day about 3 months ago for some reason, it went to normal for a whole day but that is the only time. who knows, good luck with all of it. it is hard. Leslie

July 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLeslie

following joey's story
my daughter was also once mis-diagnosed for fungal infection too
these seems to be similar in appearance
also she was given strong itraconazole pills and daktacort cream- another steroid, but the rash came back
then they said that they are SORRY, they shouldnt have prescribed the pills !
see how easy....
they .... are .... sorry
and my daughter now 4 weeks 1day cessation
please dear god help her

July 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNisreen

Nisreen, I am praying for your daughter and have asked other people to pray for her. I also have emailed a biologist about the nitric oxide and am contacting other nitric oxide specialists. Keep up the baths and try some dead sea salts, as someone else said they work good to help heal.

I hate how the doctors prescribe this stuff! Peace and prayers to you and your little one. <3

July 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoey

Dear joey, thank you very much, i told her about your cheering her and your praying for her, and that you love her, she wanted me to tell you that she loves you and sends you a kiss on your nose and a very very big hug :) thanks indeed

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNisreen

Aww, bless her precious heart! May she heal quickly and be able to enjoy her youth. I will post new updates, so stay with us. :)

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoey

Nisreen, I am keeping your daughter in my prayers too. I know this is so hard for her, but please tell her to have faith. It is gonna take a few months, but she WILL GET BETTER. Until then, just a lot of oatmeal baths, try some antihistamine pills for sleep or when she is really itchy. What are you using to moisturize her after baths? SHE WILL HEAL!!!

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRochelle

dears Joy & Rochelle, i get wonderful information from what you post here and on face book, for moisturizing, i use olive oil for TCS flare areas(anything else burns), for other eczema areas i use trixiera emollient cream from avene , i use oatmeal baths, for itching she takes Zyrtec 7.5ml daily, can you believe that she is enduring this better than i do, before knowing Kelly and Dr Marvin, i cried a lot , she has been on steroids for a year, i always cried, many times in every day , my poor little girl .........
thank God a million times who granted the world such great people like Dr Marvin and Kelly - and i wish i can personally thank the person who put Dr. Marvin's great article in Wikipedia and i found it , i owe these three people my life

July 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNisreen

thank you all for all that you do, what you do is very important and valuable to us, god bless you all

July 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNisreen

Today marks day 105 for me, other than two or three days of weakness using the creams again (before I found out anything about this online) My skin just started the weeping in the past two days and what a horrible addition to the misery family. I thought over three months in I would be lucky not to have that symptom. Today has been the hardest on me morally. Kind of a breakdown after I got up . Slept from 5am to noon today. I realized that I cannot continue to plow through this and live my life normally. My life is anything but normal now. Reading about children going through this makes me feel guilty for having a hard time coping. I couldn't imagine the suffering they must be feeling. It gives me stength and makes want to suck it up and get the thought of hanging myself out of my head when I think of them. I also can't imagine the pain of watching your child go through this and feeling so helpless. It's truly inspiring.
As for creams and lotions. I have found that some were ok, but I eventually started reacting to all of them, until all I'm left with is Petroleum Jelly, and I'm not sure if that's even doing me harm. I read a something from another person last night and they said that months 7-9 were the worst. I can't imagine getting worse in another three months. My hopes are that I'm through the worst and starting my healing after another month or two. I guess there is no way to tell. Thanks for all who is sharing information. Sometimes I just surf the web and read about others to help me through this. It helps a great deal. Good luck to all who is involved with this horrific ordeal.

February 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCory

Hi, I'm new to all this steroid addiction information.. but I am wondering if I have it too. Yours posts have really encouraged me - I know what it is like, I'm having a flare at the moment, red, burning and itchy skin across face, neck, chest and some of my torso.. I am starting to recognise that flares coincides with lack of sleep. I'm trying to keep off using steroid creams now. I'm about 3 weeks in. Keep on keeping on!

April 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Hi everyone,
Recently I had eczema develop all over my face so my pharmacist recommend I use 'dermaid' steroid cream. I applied a thin layer of the cream to my face four times and it cleared up my skin very well, although what my pharmacist DIDNT mention was that it may thin the skin. I now have realised a change In the appearance of my skin it seems very thin and almost like glad wrap feeling. Under my eyes it looks like I have aged and across my cheeks. My skin feels quite tight and it is quite uncomfortable to apply makeup. I have stopped using the cream. Has anyone experienced this on the face from a steroid cream? And if so does it repair itself? Can i do ANYTHING to make this go away?I'm a bit upset people have realised my face looks different and has less volume. Help me :(

May 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCharlotte

Hi I was feeling very alone until I read all your posts, I had a flare up on my face in April, the doctor put me on steroid pills for a month and cream has been ongoing since April. I finaly got seen at the hospital to then be told that I had a over dose on the steroid cream. Only been off the cream for 3 days and I feel like my face is burning. Not knowing what the best thing to do I just feel lost and in pain. Don't know how much more I can take and sick of people looking at me like I'm a freak.

July 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNicola

This is serious stuff. I had no idea!

I have a bit of seb derm on my face, always have done, mild steroids "very occasionally" with ketoconazole no real issues. That controls it. This lulled me into a false sense of security regarding steroids - 1% hyrdoC on small areas is not the same as potent droids! These is no comparison.

I also get seb derm (in the summer usually) in the groin. This is how things got bad this year. Usually it is left to clear alone perhaphs a touch of anti-fungal cream/powder until the cool weather returns - but this time I was given Lotriderm (betamethasone diproprionate & clotrimazole combo) and all hell broke loose!

I was in tears with the pain this cream induced and I am young strong man. I had to use an opioid for a few days - it was "that severe". I was freaking out and living in cool baths for about 3-4 days before it calmed and peeling began.

What happens is first the skin looks to clear up then within a few days you get red skin syndrome creeping in, so more cream to knock it out, then loop and more and more. Luckily I guessed this was not right this cycle and started looking online and found you guys. SAVED ME YOU REALLY HAVE! Docs wanted me to just keep using it as the seb derm must have got worse...who has seb derm running down the entire length of their inner leg. WHAT! None of that is recorded in literature. It was the steroid cream not the seb derm.

First you burn as if on fire, then you peel like a snake, then you itch and the skin is very senstive. It does seem to heal but it is not worth it. We have to just cope with our skin with softer treatments unless we have no choice. Steroids give false hope; they really do - and in the long run make us worse.

I swear it also spreads (this is VERY importent to know) about 1-20" from site of application also seems to get affected (I have spoken to peopled who have systemic symptoms even). You start with a small rash and end up covered in red skin syndrome on healthy skin also. I noticed it seemed to spread worse downwards, oddly enough, but who knows all I know is it spreads to areas you never applied cream.

I only used a few days and I think I may heal quicker than people on them for many years. My heart goes out to people in this boat. 3-4 days of burning was all I could handle. I was getting suicidal - really! But don't loose hope it does STOP! This is key for people who are finding a longer duration - IT DOES STOP ONE DAY IT JUST TURNS OFF and peeling begins.

TIP: might not work for all but I found simply cleaning the area using coconut oil works well. I melt then rub some on "gently" leave it a few mins then rinsed the area and dab dry. No soaps, meds or creams - they make it worse as the skin is in a bad way. Really even stuff you thought good is bad on red skin syndrome. Once the skin heals then perhaps but not during healing. You need to be gentle grit your teeth and go on until it stops. In me it is healing and I have spoken to others online and all are agreed in this regard, but time frames differ - STAY STONG THERE IS HOPE AND LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

Lastly as a Christian I thank God for getting me through this. You can make fun of me for being a Christian (used to it these days) but I only want to point out if you have faith and trust in God it helps. I am not trying to convert you, so this is only a caveat at the end.

August 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike

I am in month 3, free of topical steroids and the oral steroids for perioral dermatitis and psoriasis. The oral steroids caused the RSS on my chest and back. I went to an emergency room and was given a shot of Benadryl which helped with the swelling of the lymph nodes in my neck. I saw a dermatologist who gave me antibiotics and a low dosage of STEROID salve. Two days of that and I found the ITSAN and RSS web sights. I quit the salve and saw the doctor and told him I was going Cold Turkey. No more steroids. He said I was brave. The blogs that all of you have posted are SO very helpful. I am sucking it up also after seeing the children and babies. MIKE, I read your post and I too am a Christian. I hope if I was put on trial for being a Christian, there would be enough evidence to convict me!! I thank God daily for the web sights and all of you posting what works for you and what does not. KUDOS and Many thanks again for posting. THERE IS HOPE that we will all heal. Lots of unconditional love to all of you. YOU Make a Difference in a Big Way. XO's

January 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKatie

I initially starting using a steroid cream after I had a blister that wouldn't heal up. My Dr. prescribed it after some tests and said it would help. After that, I started breaking out in red weeping blisters that would crust over. This was six months ago. My dr. has given me 3 different steroid creams to no avail. At this point, I am six months in and suffering from the withdrawal. I stopped using the creams 4 weeks ago and although it still gets red and gross and irritated, it seems to heal more in between each outbreak. The skin around the deep part of the would is healing better and I can see improvement in that I have stopped getting the blisters and there is no more pus. Thank goodness. Neosporin with pain relief helps for the worst of the burning now as does not letting it remain wet after cleaning or showering. I wash with anti-bacterial Dawn soap and warm water every other night and allow to air dry before neosporin. Hopefully it won't take too much longer to heal; I only used the cream for 6 months and have been off for one already. Thanks all for sharing and good luck

October 20, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAnita

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