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48 Months of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Don't let the title scare you because I've been about 90 per cent healed over most of my body since December 2012 but there is a localized area of my upper legs that is cycling though the symptoms of Red Skin Syndrome, still.


This is a very slow process and sometimes a long-term user like me will get a flare-up after months of clear skin so we just come to expect that it can happen. Nothing, nothing at all is as bad as the early days of all-over body flare or "roid hell" as I call it. I can live life again for the most part and not itch 24-7, Yay!!


I've been getting emails from this blog and direct everyone to the ITSAN support group with over 1800 members there who can support and answer some of your questions. There is a big push for the FDA to reopen the studies of 2001 and order the black-box labels on topical steroids. The new action group of moms that is a branch of ITSAN called IMIA (ITSAN Moms in Action) is very proactive in this issue and many others so do check them out, especially of you are a parent of a suffering child with eczema. It could possibly be steroid-induced and that is a whole different condition than original eczema.



I'm looking to the second annual ITSAN conference in LA on September 20th as I was too messed up last time to go. I will update again after that, take it easy folks and keep looking up!