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ITSAN Now Has Survey for Steroid Users to Gauge Withdrawal Time

Itsan has been working hard to help steroid addicted sufferers to find some kind of timeline for their withdrawal time. Many former topical steroid users find themselves in the process a lot longer than expected and one reason is there has never been any kind of survey or study done to determine the process.


Japanese dermatolgist, Dr. Fukaya has helped many patients through the steroid withdrawal and believes it can be anywhere from 10 to 30 per cent of that person's useage time. It varies depending in the type of cream, if oral steroids were taken, where applied, how many years used and if it was constant or intermittant.


Jim Parker, doctor and board member of International Topical Steroid Awareness Network (ITSAN), spent many hours developing this new survey and hope to be able to learn more about the worldwide and growing problem of steroid overprescribing by the medical community.


The numbers of children and adults dependant on topical steroids for skin conditions such as eczema, rosoacea and psoriasis is believed to be much more of a problem in the world than the medical community realizes. 


ITSAN is on a mission to raise awareness of the potential addiction factor and work alongside of dermatolgists and doctors in other fields to help stop the overuse of the potent corticosteroids and find more natural alternatives for skin afflictions.


Click here to take the survey and thanks for your support!